21 February, 2023

Beko launches new, eco-friendly range of home appliances to promote sustainable living

● New range of products come in response to consumers' demand for environment-friendly offerings for sustainable living

● Over 2,000 customers surveyed to understand shifting attitude towards the design and sustainability characteristics of home appliances

● Beko reports that 93% of users seek innovative kitchen appliances

February 20, 2023: Beko, Europe’s leading home appliance brand, has launched its latest, eco-friendly range of home appliances to promote sustainable living for consumers. The new product line-up is aligned with the company's sustainability mission, and promises reliability, high performance, and use of advanced technologies that make healthy living accessible to everyone. 


Beko's latest products feature new RecycledNet ovens, featuring parts made from recycled fishnets and industrial thread waste, HarvestFresh refrigerators, featuring innovative 3 colour LED technology with darkness period, mimicking the 24 hours cycle of the sun to preserve Vitamins C & A content in fruits & vegetables for longer, RecycledTub washing machines, using recycled plastic bottles in their tubs, being kinder to the planet without compromising on durability and performance, IronFinish tumble dryers designed for ready-to-wear results, and superior AutoDose connected dishwashers, to save time, water & energy at home, all of which uphold the highest standards of quality for customers. The company has continued with their sustainability vision in its new range of products, in response to consumers’ growing demand for sustainable offerings, by turning sustainability into a business model and integrating it into all facets of its operations, for healthy living on a healthy planet.


The launch also comes after a comprehensive survey of 2,000 consumers in the region, conducted by OnePoll in collaboration with Beko, to understand customers' attitudes towards kitchen designs are changing across the region. The results of the study show that the most popular demands in contemporary kitchens are timeless designs and cutting-edge technology. According to the study, customers are most drawn to kitchens and appliances that are high in quality, functions, and aesthetics, with users citing quality as the primary factor when comparing their appliances with others. Most importantly, 93 per cent of respondents sought kitchen appliances with more innovative technologies.


Oral Bozkurt, General Manager & Regional Director – Beko Gulf FZE, stated: “In response to the shift in consumer demand, we work to be a positive influence for change in the region by listening to our customers. For many years, we have concentrated on sustainable living, creating advanced and affordable products that promote a sustainable lifestyle. Through our newest line-up, we have further enhanced product quality across all categories for better fit, feel, and finish as well as usability.”


“There is no denying that innovative technology is becoming more and more prevalent in kitchens around the world, and our research indicates that consumers are actively seeking new advancements and features when buying home appliances. Beko’s newest range, in our opinion, is just the first of many products that will advance this goal and meet the changing needs of consumers,” he added.


Over 27 per cent of the 2,000 adults surveyed admitted to switching to a newer model of an appliance or gadget within a week, while 34 per cent of those polled claimed their current kitchen to be unsatisfactory. In response to these challenges, Beko's range of eco-friendly home appliances aim to provide superior home appliances that guarantee reliability, durability, and new-age designs, while adhering to highest sustainability standards for a cleaner lifestyle.