06 November, 2022

Airbus and Nedaa receive ICCA award for helping to secure Expo 2020 Dubai

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Dubai, UAE – 3 November 2022: Airbus and Nedaa receive ICCA award given for their key role in providing secure communications and thus helping secure the global Expo 2020 Dubai premises. 

In collaboration with Nedaa, Airbus deployed its mission-critical communication solutions Tactilon Agnet and Tactilon Dabat during Dubai’s hosting of the six-month international Expo. The technologies were used to support the work of Dubai Police and members of the Dubai World Expo security and site management teams and Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. 

In recognition of this role, Airbus recently clinched the “Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety” during the annual International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs) at the Critical Communications World (CCW) event in Vienna.

Selim Bouri, Vice-president for Airbus Secure Land Communications in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, said: “It’s our honor to share our latest recognition with Nedaa whose 4G and TETRA networks provided the much-needed connection for our hybrid critical solutions. The network was vital to ensuring the seamless communication and collaboration between first responders and public safety personnel deployed throughout the premier event.” 

 “The users were able to coordinate through individual and group calls, safely transfer vital information such as location reports, and stream video in real-time. Nedaa and Airbus worked to contribute to Expo’s operational success by helping guarantee the safety and security of the participants and visitors from all over the world.” Bouri added:

H.E. Mansoor Bu Osaiba, CEO of Nedaa said: “We were delighted to provide the support that met the requirements of the teams in charge of of the Expo 2020 in Dubai. Our collaboration then and now reflects our common mission to meet the communication needs of first responders and enable them to effectively respond to emergencies. We were able to showcase the strength of our partnership not only during the Expo but in every step of our strategic collaboration.” 

Tactilon Agnet served as a bridge between both Tetra and broadband technologies by providing Tetra users such as medical professionals the platform to communicate with the volunteers who all used smartphones. 

Tactilon Dabat, on the other hand, were used to scan access badges and visitor, contractor, volunteer and worker- IDs . The solution gave professional smartphone users instant and reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files, and location information, allowing them to securely transmit data such as photos and videos in real-time regardless of the device used