01 September, 2022

Saudi German Health opens its 10th medical facility in KSA with its latest Hospital in Makkah


The newest state-of-the-art branch is equipped with the latest and most advanced medical technology. It’s the 10th facility in KSA and the 18th in the region.


September 01, 2022- Saudi German Health has announced the opening its newest Hospital in Makkah, KSA. The hospital, which is the group’s 10th medical facility in Saudi Arabia and the 18th in the region – the Group has the largest footprint of any healthcare provider in the region.  The hospital offers modern and innovative medical solutions and has an overall capacity of 300 hospital beds. It is equipped with the latest technological advancements to offer the best medical care to residents and international visitors, especially Hajj and Umrah pilgrims.

The new hospital is an integrated multi-specialty medical center built and designed to meet the highest international standards. Additionally, the hospital is equipped with a Hospital Command Center (HCC), which facilitates coordination of response activities and resources during an emergency or disaster. The center is primarily responsible for coordinating information and support in response to emergency incidents.

The hospital includes a select group of highly qualified doctors and specialists with vast experience in various surgical procedures under multiple medical specialties. In addition to welcoming doctors and consultants from other hospitals in Saudi Arabia, the facility is set to host several experts and visiting doctors from all over the world to carry out advanced surgeries.

The new branch is part of the Batterjee Healthcare City, which also houses a university and a non-profit hospital. The Saudi German Hospital in Mecca comprises 100 outpatient clinics, , an advanced Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a dialysis unit with 30 rooms, and surgery rooms equipped with the latest technology. The hospital also stands out for its distinct interior and exterior architecture which focuses on creating a comforting environment for patients and staff..

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, President and Vice Chairman of Saudi German Health, said: “We are proud to open Saudi German Hospital in Makkah, which is in line with our commitment to Vision 2030 to provide more access to KSA residents to high-quality medical care. The new hospital serves as a key addition in promoting the medical sector in the area and elevating the quality of care and services offered to patients. These services are designed to meet the highest international standards, cover a broad spectrum of medical specialties and procedures for patients with multiple conditions. The center is further backed by the latest medical equipment and qualified medical professionals.”

Saudi German Health continues to work towards expanding its presence both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, which aligns with its strategy to position itself as one of the biggest private health care providers in the region and a major contributor to the development and advancement of the medical sector in KSA.