Sunday, 19 December 2021

Kinan Delivers New Levels of Shopping Experiences at Three Saudi Malls, Thanks to Partnership with Enova


Real-Time Environment Insights Optimize Visitor Engagement and Sustainability


Abdullah Qasim


JEDDAH, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – 19 December 2021 – Kinan, one of the region’s leading housing and shopping mall developers, announced today that three of its leading malls in the Kingdom are transforming customer experiences and environmental sustainability with Enova, the Middle East’s leading energy and facilities management specialist.

The three malls – Al Huwailat Center in Jubail, Al Jamea Plaza in Jeddah, and Dana Mall in Yanbu – now have more environmentally friendly and healthier shopping environments as a result of Enova’s collaboration. In particular, the three malls have adopted friendlier and healthier building materials, more green space, and enhanced management of the space amid the current era of social distancing.

On the back end, Kinan has used a program of condition-based maintenance and remote monitoring of air and water quality to control the environmental footprint of the buildings. Kinan can also ensure there is minimum energy consumption during hours of low or no occupancy.

Kinan’s malls now have more energy-efficient maintenance and planning, and real-time insights on asset management to improve the performance of building management systems. Kinan’s partners now also share the same values and energy efficiency targets.

“By knowing that the renovation has a direct impact on the perception of the mall atmosphere and an indirect one on customer satisfaction and spending, we made sure that the innovative technology solutions will be at the core of Kinan’s transformation strategy in term of customers experience and visitors engagement,” said Abdullah Hajkasem, Director of Facilities Management and Retail Delivery, Kinan. “With Enova, we found a partner who shares our values of integrity, commitment, and creativity with a passion for victory as well as associated mall refurbishing and face-lifting plans, enabling a more diverse retail leasing strategy.”

Kinan’s malls are running computer-aided facility management software, and mobile solutions across community management, IT, and project portfolio management. Kinan is also exploring solutions across retail delivery service such as fit-out management and energy management.

Enova and Kinan signed the three-year partnership in February 2020 to support facilities management innovation across 10 malls in the Kingdom, covering 265,000 square meters and more than one million annual visitors.

“Kinan’s malls show how condition-based maintenance and real-time asset monitoring and performance can align with the government’s environmental sustainability vision,” said Amani Al Moajil, General Manager - KSA, Enova. “Kinan’s malls are optimizing the security and safety of their guests, elevating their shopping experiences, and reducing their environmental footprint.”