Sunday, 5 December 2021

BLOOVO Signs Partnership Agreement with Egypt’s CI Capital Holding to Streamline Recruitment using AI


Dubai, UAE, 05 December, 2021: BLOOVO, the leading recruitment technology company specialising in the provision of AI-powered recruitment solutions, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the largest investment banking company in Egypt, CI Capital Holding, (CICH.CA) to power their recruitment with BLOOVO’s signatory AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS), HYRDD.

The signing comes on the back of BLOOVO’s continued efforts to expand across Egypt, revolutionising the HR industry with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with unique value proposition. Digital transformation continues to be a cornerstone for many organisations in Egypt as they recognize the importance of AI in improving business processes, including recruitment.

CI Capital Holding For Financial Investments (CICH.CA) a listed company on The Egyptian Exchange. A diversified financial services group and Egypt’s leading provider of investment banking, leasing, and microfinance products and services. Through their headquarters in Cairo and presence in New York and Dubai, CI Capital offers a wide range of financial solutions to a diversified client base that include global and regional institutions and family offices, large corporates, SMEs, and high net worth and individual investors.

Through the deployment of HYRRD, CI Capital will be able to utilise artificial intelligence to screen and shortlist candidates for job vacancies, equip hiring teams with tools and resources to streamline their recruitment process and eliminate inefficiencies that hinders growth. This makes CI Capital one of Egypt’s earliest adopters of AI-powered recruitment technology innovation and will in turn help the organisation recruit top talent as well as achieve its strategic objectives and vision.

Dr. Ahmad Khamis, Co-Founder and CEO, BLOOVO, said: “This partnership comes at a time when Egypt’s digital transformation soars as more firms recognise the importance of AI in improving the way firms run their business processes.”

Karim Aboulnasr, VP of Business Development, BLOOVO Egypt, said: “Putting the right person in the right place is at the core of our recruitment solutions. For large firms like CI Capital, deploying HYRDD with its advanced machine learning and smart algorithms, allows them to streamline their recruitment process and eliminate inefficiencies.”

Founded in 2015, BLOOVO rapidly grew in the MENA region leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in its talent acquisition technology solutions. To date, BLOOVO’s solutions have been utilised by more than 3,500 organisations from the GCC including official government authorities in KSA and the UAE. Many of these organisations use HYRRD, a full-fledged applicant tracking system (ATS) powered by AI launched in 2019. HYRRD has developed as an ideal solution for companies and institutions across the region, covering the full spectrum of hiring, from manpower planning all the way to onboarding.