Sunday, 4 July 2021



The new therapies utilise cupping techniques that rejuvenate skin, enhance circulation and expel toxins without leaving marks on the face or body.

The Pearl Spa and Wellness UAE Collection and Bellabaci have crafted a bespoke range of treatments across the wellness brand’s three spas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Promising a “Kiss of Wellness,” the cupping therapies make use of Bellabaci’s innovative silicone cups, natural aromatic oils and hand techniques to massage the skin. Perfect for both recovery and beauty purposes, the massages enliven the skin and aid muscles through enhanced blood flow. The treatments produce significant anti-ageing effects and also treat cellulite and enhance sleep.

“Through my own encounter with traditional cupping therapy and many years of research with integrative medicine specialist Dr. Sandi Nye, I founded Bellabaci International where we have natural wellness as our cornerstone,” says Keren Trabelsi, CEO and Founder of Bellabaci International. “It is my passion to bring forth healing therapies and modernise them to be accessible to all. In conjunction with Four Seasons UAE we have designed result-driven signature treatments to provide clients with noticeable improvements with their concerns, while respecting the body, mind, soul and the earth. Your wellness is our success.”

Christelle Besnier, Senior Director of Spa, Four Seasons UAE says, “This launch really excites us as wellness experts. With Bellabaci’s simple yet effective innovation, we have a new tool to deliver treatments that are result-driven and produce a notable improvement in our guests’ quality of life, which is what we are ultimately about. We invite guests to experience a cup of beauty, youth, fitness and restfulness.”

The treatment menu features eight experiences. Wellness seekers can select from benefit-focused options such as the Deep-Sleep Massage or the Detox and Lipo-Sculpting Massage. Area-targeted choices are also available for those who would prefer treatments designed specifically for the face, legs or chest area. Last but not least, a DIY tutorial is available for those who want to take the power of natural healing home by purchasing their personal Bellabaci cupping set.

The treatments are available at The Pearl Spa and Wellness at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah BeachFour Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre and Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island.

For consultations or to book an experience, guests can contact The Pearl Spa and Wellness:

  • The Pearl Spa and Wellness Jumeirah  +971 (4) 270 7732
  • The Pearl Spa and Wellness DIFC  +971 (4) 506 0000
  • The Pearl Spa and Wellness Abu Dhabi  +971 (2) 333 2500