25 July, 2021

CNN highlights the European companies developing boundary breaking technologies




In the latest episode of Marketplace Europe, CNN’s Anna Stewart explores the theme of ‘new frontiers’, meeting the companies developing boundary breaking technologies across the continent.


At a time when many advances are being made in space exploration, including the recent space flights by Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, Stewart speaks to Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Space Systems at Airbus, Europe’s largest aerospace firm. He describes the ubiquitous nature of space technology in everyday life, “Every day of your life, you’re using space 10 to 15 times, from your smartphone, from your computer, without knowing it. There is no weather forecast without space, there is no navigation without space. There is no instant telecommunication when you’re on the move without space solutions.”


With the billionaire space race taking off in the US, European inventors are hoping that the continent does not get left behind. Nasr tells the programme about the importance of cooperation for European space exploration efforts, “For us, there is no other way for Europe, including the UK as a partner, to be in the front row of space exploration than being together.”


At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Stewart visits ‘Future Lab’ to take an immersive look into the technology of the future.


‘Future Lab’ has been the launchpad for European businesses leading the way in innovation, and Stewart discovers that this year mobility is taking centre stage. EAV CEO Adam Barmby discusses his company’s e-cargo vehicle, a cross between a bike and a van, “It is specifically designed and built for one single purpose, which is the last mile area of the logistics industry. The cost of ownership is about a quarter of a normal mid-size van.”


Polish start-up Triggo is hoping to revolutionise road traffic with a vehicle that transforms from a car to a motorcycle. Founder and CEO Rafal Budweil tells Stewart that he hopes autonomous cars will become road legal. While Dutch export Pal-V is hoping to change travel entirely with its commercial flying car. Pal-V UK country manager Andy Wall says that the vehicle will prove useful for reaching remote areas.


Finally, Stewart takes flight, trialling the new jetpack technology from UK-based company Gravity Industries. With technology like this, the future of mobility may not require any vehicles at all.