Sunday, 15 December 2019

How to experience Cairo like Egyptian vlogger Sara Sabry

Sara Sabry is known famously across YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat for documenting her day-to-day life in Egypt and advocating the hijab as a fashion statement.

As part of CNN’s #MyEgypt, Sabry shares her top insider tips to experience Cairo, most notably in Khan el-Khalili – a 14th century market in the Egyptian capital – where she feels most at home.

From historical cafes to jewellery, the Egyptian bazaar is an experience that involves putting the phone down and immersing yourself in a preserved part of old Cairo.

Why should visitors to Egypt head to Khan el-Khalili?

Khan el-Khalili is one of the oldest markets and it’s literally in the heart of Cairo. Some of my favourite jewellery is from right here… You’ll find shop owners calling you over. People inviting you over for tea. I love the people here, it’s probably my favourite thing about Khan el-Khalili.
Where’s best to eat traditional food like a local?

One of my favourite spots to eat in Khan el-Khalili is called Fatarany el-Hussein. Whenever I come to Egypt it’s one of the first places I come to. The fateer is amazing. It’s kind of like a pizza but not really.
Why is the bazaar so personally significant?

Because I lived abroad my whole life, I really wanted to kind of find myself and find what is home, and I feel like Khan el-Khalili is where I really found it. It’s everything that Egypt is in one place.