21 May, 2019

Don’t forget to sleep well this Ramadan

  • WHISPER founder emphasises the need to prioritize sleep to stay healthy throughout a full month’s fast
  • WHISPER offers 100-night risk free trial of their premium mattress for customers to experience quality sleep first-hand

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ramadan is an important time for families and friends to come together. With the season packed with get-togethers, iftar celebrations and other festivities, people tend to stay awake well into the night, which then results in disrupted sleep patterns.

Sleep is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing, and there are documented implications when we don’t get enough of it.  For UAE, where Ramadan fasting is expected to last on average of 14 hours, it is imperative that people keep a regular and healthy sleep cycle as it can strongly impact one’s ability to actively perform every day activities throughout the month, without falling weak or ill.

Disrupted sleep can bring about day-time sleepiness, headaches, behavioural problems and reduced cognitive functioning, this according to Sleep Expert Dominik Zunkovic, who is also the Founder of WHISPER.  Dominik also explained that sleep deprivation makes a person crave for sugary and fatty foods, which is not healthy.

“Just as much as a healthy diet, prioritizing good sleeping habits during Ramadan is very important in order to maintain a proper balance of overall wellness, while keeping hunger and fatigue at bay during this season, will becomes that much easier.  Additionally, maintaining regular sleeping patterns during the Holy Month is a key step to re-adjusting post the season,” Dominik added.

To maintain sleep quality and quantity, Dominik recommends keeping one’s sleep environment quiet and dark for minimum distraction.  While adding that the use of earplugs or eye masks can perform wonders for falling and staying asleep, he emphasized that a good mattress is one of the most important aspects of achieving a healthy dose of sleep.

“Mattresses are the foundation of good sleep and choosing the right one can make all the difference.  A mattress that provides proper support for your back, neck and joints, promoting good alignment, and cushion for pressure points and relief for pain, is what you need to ensure sleep quality,” Dominik said.

Taking all these into account, Dominik points out that the WHISPER Mattress is the ideal solution for ensuring quality shut-eye during Ramadan.  

WHISPER, which disrupted the UAE mattress industry with its online bed-in-a-box business model, uses high-quality dynamic foams that are adjustable in comfort and medically certified. Their mattress is made of Quantum foam, which is breathable and – unlike memory foam – keeps you cool at night and protects you from bacteria and dust mites.  Specially designed to ensure optimum
hygiene, WHISPER uses real silver yarn in their products, which naturally ionizes and prevents bacteria, dust mites and bad smells.  Also integrated into the foundation fabric of the WHISPER mattress is the Silver Shield, a grounding cable developed by the company to prevent any electromagnetic (EMF) waves from entering one’s sleeping area. Based on numerous studies, electronics such as TVs, phones, and computers emit harmful EMF waves that interfere with an individual’s brain waves, preventing him from getting deep restful sleep.

“We use open cell foams for our mattress because they allow heat and sweat to escape. The same material goes to into our pillows.  Our fabric is also thermo-regulating, which means that it cools you down when it’s hot and retains heat when it’s cold. The WHISPER mattress fabric and foams are engineered to be completely breathable, ensuring enough ventilation and optimum comfort throughout the night. This perfectly suits the hot and humid weather of the region, especially during Ramadan which normally falls during the summer season,” commented Dominik.

Confident of the high-quality craftsmanship of the WHISPER mattress and pillow, Dominik revealed that the company offers a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial in order for customers to experience the products’ features first-hand.   “All that you need to do is purchase the mattress and/or pillow and sleep on it for a minimum of 30 nights. If at the end of 100-night trial period, you don’t enjoy the experience, the WHISPER team will pick it up for free and give you a full refund on the mattress,” he concluded.