Monday, 2 April 2018

An Insider Look at the World’s Most Talked About Region

MO4 Network – one of the region's leading digital creative agencies and the media company behind leading platforms,,,, and - announces the launch of


(2ND APRIL 2018) With over six years of experience uncovering exciting, engaging, and extraordinary stories about the most innovative and inspiring people and places in Egypt alongside fascinating topics that have instigated both conversation and controversy, MO4 Network’s media teams has set their sights and scope further.

Following last year’s launches of, and as regional digital publications – and with the longstanding success of and – the Middle Eastern expansion of the company’s media platforms continues as we mark the launch of

Leaving no stone unturned in the endlessly captivating hunt for the most engaging stories and unique voices, the experienced editorial team behind Scene Arabia seek out the most impactful people, unearth cultural curiosities and shine a spotlight on the ever-evolving face of the Middle East, covering everything from art and style, to business, social impact, music and more.

Farah Hosny, Editor-In-Chief of Scene Arabia explains further:

“Scene Arabia is a Middle East and North African online podium, an ever-expanding space where Arab voices annotate their past, narrate their present, and author their future for the people in the back to hear. The platform tackles the full gamut of MENA issues, from the region’s start-up movement and latest developments, to lifestyle, identity politics and everything in-between. It is the story of the Middle East, told not by news anchors and economic analysts, but by the people, places, ideas and actions shaping the region.”

Covering the whole region, from the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan, to Egypt, Tunisia and beyond, has evolved as a hub for discovering the most fascinating and thought-provoking narratives emerging from the Middle East and North Africa. Far from homogenising the region, its people and their stories, Scene Arabia’s editorial line celebrates the unique, the diverse and the down-right unusual, across several mediums and social platforms.

Amy Mowafi, CEO and Co-founder of MO4 Network says:

“Scene Arabia represents the culmination of years of fresh, fearless storytelling and a deep seated passion and desire to showcase the power, beauty, and potential of the region. With over 200 full time digital media storytellers and unique in-house production capabilities that allow us to tell exceptionally executed stories at unprecedented speeds, MO4 Media’s platforms have long instigated conversation while spotlighting inspirational individuals in a multitude of industries who are helping define and redefine what it means to be Arab. Scene Arabia represents the sixth - and what’s set to be the biggest - media platform in our portfolio. Our own story started six years ago in Cairo, and it’s been an incredible journey so far, one in which we have made waves and impacted the media landscape in ways we could never have predicted. I can’t wait to find what new adventures Scene Arabia will take us on…”

Beyond digital platforms, Scene Arabia will come to life at a series of events across the region, connecting the most inspiring MENA voices, across a variety of industries, with unique real-life experiences, fuelled by the endlessly innovative arts, culture, music, food and nightlife scenes emerging in the region’s big cities.

Scene Arabia is an insider’s look at the world’s most talked about region.

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