Thursday, 1 March 2018

SAP Enables Middle East’s Smart Cities with Connected Vehicles, IoT, and Telco Launches

At Mobile World Congress, SAP Redefines Intelligent and Connected Driving Experience with MasterCard, HERE, and Postmates Partnerships

BARCELONA, Spain – 1 March 2018 – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) will enable the Middle East’s Smart Cities and smart future of connected vehicles, Internet of Things, cloud, and telecommunications, thanks to innovative digital marketplaces, partnerships, and solutions announced at Mobile World Congress 2018.

“The Middle East is at the global forefront of Smart Cities innovation, with telco transformation enabling autonomous vehicles that can transform government, transport, and logistics sectors,” said Bulent Unsal, Head of Telco – Middle East and North Africa, SAP. “At Mobile World Congress, we have seen strong success in showing how real-time cloud-based data analytics and Internet of Things innovations can transform businesses and daily lives.”

SAP Adds MasterCard, HERE and Postmates to Open Network of Connected Vehicles

SAP has added new partners and customers to the SAP Vehicles Network solution, an open, standards-based services marketplace. New secured and tokenized payment options from MasterCard Corporation, navigation capabilities from HERE and on-demand delivery services from Postmates further expand and enrich the portfolio of services SAP Vehicles Network offers.

Powered by SAP Leonardo, SAP Vehicles Network connects vehicles to intelligent, automated services for parking, fuelling, food, navigation and payment, transforming driving into the ultimate mobile experience. Through the network, participating members can provide mobility services to drivers and passengers, independent of devices or vehicles. Network members also can offer secure mobility services tailored for business travellers and individual consumers.

Deutsche Telekom and SAP Expand Partnership to the Internet of Things for Real-Time Logistics

SAP and Deutsche Telekom expanded their partnership to include Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for real-time logistics. As a part of this agreement, Deutsche Telekom will create a portfolio of comprehensive offerings that will include hardware, connectivity, security, monitoring and operational service at one transparent price.

Data collected and managed by Deutsche Telekom will be made available to IoT and supply chain management at SAP, including integration to the enterprise digital core with SAP S/4 HANA. Under the agreement, both companies plan to create and certify the interfaces between Deutsche Telekom IoT Platforms and SAP Cloud Platform — their respective workhorses for IoT-enabled scenarios.

SAP Introduces First SAP Leonardo Industry Accelerator Package for Telecommunications Companies

SAP introduced a new industry accelerator package designed to deliver faster innovation with less risk for telecommunications companies. SAP Leonardo for Telecommunications helps companies implement next-generation business processes to identify margin risk across their operations, gain insights into customers, products and asset profitability, and predict outcomes based on company-specific performance data.

SAP Cloud Platform Simplifies App Development and Accelerates Customer Innovation

SAP announced a new consumption-based commercial model for customers to easily acquire and engage SAP Cloud Platform, the company’s platform as a service (PaaS).

Additional updates include the next-generation SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, which allows customers to easily extend enterprise apps and processes to mobile devices. SAP Cloud Platform is the foundation of SAP Leonardo, SAP’s digital innovation system. Together they enable rapid innovation and empower customers to become “intelligent enterprises,” ready for the 21st century.