Tuesday, 6 March 2018

New V-ribbed belt kits for trucks in MEYLE ORIGINAL quality

Hamburg, 06 March 2018. Hamburg-based manufacturer MEYLE has added another 13 products to its range of MEYLE-ORIGINAL V-ribbed belt kits for trucks thereby enabling repair professionals to service as an even wider range of truck applications. With the latest additions, the total number of references has grown to 18. Marketed under one MEYLE reference, full service kit includes the belt tensioner, the idler and guide pulleys and the V-ribbed belt and comes ready to be installed.

MEYLE-ORIGINAL tensioner and idler pulleys are made from steel, enabling them to distribute heat much more effectively than rubber pulleys. Thanks to the material property, the pulley maintains its integrity even under the highest operating temperatures. The excellent quality of the MEYLE products has also convinced the tankpool24 Racing Team: For over five years, the team has been sliding with MEYLE as the squads partner in technology, confidently relying on MEYLE-ORIGINAL tensioner and idler pulleys to keep their race trucks going in the fight for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

MEYLE workshop advice: The V-belt is the most important drive belt in the vehicle system. It is used to drive several key vehicle components including the water pump and the alternator. If the V ribbed belt is damaged, it is recommended that also the tensioner and idle pulleys be replaced to prevent potential early system failure or even engine breakdown.