Thursday, 14 September 2017

Bottled drinking water or “unbottled water” from the tap – which one is better?

Drinking enough is key to staying hydrated – and of course, water is everyone’s favourite source of hydration. But what’s the best way to get your drinking water? Out of the bottle or directly from the tap? We’ve challenged and compared to each other with regards to the level of convenience, summertime refreshment factor and environmental friendliness.  

Convenience: A clear victory for the in-house source
Getting unbottled water directly from the kitchen tap is much easier than buying bottled water. That’s why the GROHE Blue Home water system is especially popular. It consists of a kitchen tap and a cooler with an integrated filter and a CO2 bottle. At the touch of a button, it supplies filtered water cooled to the perfect drinking temperature in three varieties: still, lightly sparkling or sparkling. This makes lugging crates of water a thing of the past and ensures that everyone at home can enjoy whatever water variety they prefer – all from a single source. When it comes to convenience, drinking water tapped from a home water source is way ahead of the competition.

Refreshment: Proving good taste with sparkling cool summer drinks
A glass of water for quenching your thirst is a good start, but those who want to pour a little more excitement into their glass should choose a cool summer drink! Fancy a homemade lemonade or a refined GROHE Blue cocktail such as a “Sparkling Summer”, “Basil Julep” or “Jungle”? These drinks are all made from chilled water, either still, medium or sparkling. Whether the base ingredient for these comes from the bottle or the tap, sparkling cool drinks are always tasty and created quickly in a wide range of varieties while looking great in your glass. So it really doesn’t matter if bottled or unbottled water is used - as long as it’s refreshing!    

Environmental friendliness: Our future selves give two thumbs up for water from the tap!
But what about the environment? Given the fact that our planet is slowly drowning in plastic, non-biodegradable plastic bottles represent a serious problem which is only getting worse. But that’s not all. Can you believe it takes a total of seven litres of water to produce one single litre of bottled mineral water? That’s not even including the energy costs and the CO2 emitted in the process. In contrast, a home water source will ensure refreshment in the most sustainable and resource-saving way possible. For one litre of GROHE Blue water you need nothing more than one litre of water. The GROHE water system also reduces CO2 emissions by over 60% (according to research by the University of Gottingen). Therefore, the home water system provides our drinking water of the future. Two thumbs up for unbottled water from the tap!  

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