Thursday, 27 July 2017

"The New Light" Samsung QLED TV Campaign

Samsung’s new TV campaign is for the next generation of TV viewers who are viewing less and less linear TV, and thus less television advertising, by choosing advertising-free streaming services. With this in mind, the Samsung campaign does not just state what the QLED features are, but also takes the viewer on a journey into light.

This extensive TV and digital campaign is celebrating the launch of its all-new TV category, Samsung QLED TV. The focus of the advert, entitled "The Voice of Light" is poetic and dramatic; it takes the viewer on a journey of light, giving them a first person experience of light travelling and hitting objects during a morning in Paris. Like the rising sun, the light makes ordinary scenes a captivating and engaging visual experience. Highlighting how light travels, the advertisement cleverly plays on the QLED’s innovative features that allow you to see colour in a new light, offering bold contrast in both bright and dark surroundings.

Advertising not just for television, but for viewing

Instead of making an advertisement for television, Samsung makes advertising that is made for viewing. In a single-shot of up to 60 seconds, the traveling focus of the advert looks at the journey of light and encourages the viewer to watch it over and over again. The TV Commercial works as a teaser for the overall TV experience, which is poetic, epic and dramatic, enriched with colour and was created through progressive enhancements instead of cut-downs. In just seven seconds a story is told that entices the viewer to watch further to 15, 30 and 60 seconds with a desire to see it to the end.

The all-new QLED TV has three distinctive features – Q Picture, Q Style and Q Smart – that address consumer requirements when it comes to their TV consideration. Q STYLE is freedom in TV design and it serves several purposes; with its Invisible Connection, it takes care of the unsightly salad of cables usually found beneath the TV, and its No-Gap Wall Mount is installed in a very short time and allows for easy post-installment adjustments.

Q PICTURE offers a premium viewing experience. QLED TVs can reproduce almost any color known to man, making HDR content more vibrant and natural-looking. And these colors don’t change if the viewer is sitting right in front of the TV or a little off to the side. With 100% color volume and bold contrast for a day or night setting the new QLED is the next innovation in TVs. A picture perfect view from every seat and the option to turn your phone into a remote, the generation of new TV owners can have full connectivity and stream services direct from their phones.

Q SMART offers viewers a unified experience. Instead of having to search for individual apps and channels and services, the QLED TV has the Smart Hub that offers them on one screen, and the One Remote Control also enables consumers to control the TV and most of the devices connected to the TV, while even integrating voice control.  The QLED is a TV that is smarter than ever; it allows the user to access their favorite apps, content and sports through the Samsung Smart Hub, all in one place.