Monday, 19 June 2017

Flexound® HUMU Smart Cushion, the world’s first ever audio device that enables one to both hear the audio and feel the sound waves, will be available on the Amazon Launchpad on Monday, June 19th.

HUMU Smart Cushion, which is boosted by exclusive Flexound® Xperience technology transforms sound waves into distributed vibration that can be felt physically, in perfect synchrony with stereo sound. This patented Finnish innovation is revolutionizing our way to consume audiovisual entertainment, like music, films, streaming, VR and games.
”Human being is a feeling creature. Skin is the biggest human organ. Why would you only watch and listen to a film, if you can also feel the sounds on your skin and body, and get a more immersive multisensory experience”, says Mervi Heinaro, Flexound CEO. ”As we know, music works like a miracle medicine. The added gentle vibration by HUMU enhances the emotions created by the content. It is very relaxing and exciting”.
HUMU easily connects to a smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Content and volume is controlled by the host device. HUMU adds the sense of touch to music or any digital audiovisual content while also providing a hi-fi surround-style soundscape.
Amazon Launchpad is an online platform to boost visibility for startups and their creative products. “The opportunity to bring HUMU to the UK music and movies lovers through the Amazon Launchpad is a superb opportunity for us. Amazon is the most prominent online channel for people to look for innovative new products like HUMU” Heinaro cheers.
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