Monday, 22 May 2017

Al Mokhtabar discusses development plans in Egypt, Middle East at press conference

Moamena Kamel: We are committed to improving healthcare by using up-to-date technology

Hend El Sherbini: We develop our services through cooperation with Roche, Siemens and Sysmex

Manal Abdel Aziz: We are keen to build good rapport with patients through effective communication

At a press conference on …, Al Mokhtabar Laboratories highlighted the company's development plans, as well as the latest technology and testing devices it utilizes at its main laboratory in Egypt to guarantee clients the fastest, most accurate testing results.
For the past 38 years, since its founding in 1979, Al Mokhtabar has been at the forefront of the medical testing industry. The company now boasts an extensive network of 170 branches across Egypt, as well as another eight in Sudan, and employs 1,500 staff members including some 200 top-level Egyptian doctors and professors, founder and immunology Professor Moamena Kamel said during the event.  
"Since the opening of the first Al Mokhtabar branches, we have taken it upon ourselves to contribute to improving the public health and wellbeing of the communities in which we operate by providing high-quality, accurate laboratory diagnostic information to our clients," Kamel said.

Al Mokhtabar is one of the biggest privately owned laboratory testing companies in the Middle East, providing diagnostic services as well as pathological and clinical tests for medical communities in Egypt. The company offers an assortment of more than 1,700 clinical analyses in the areas of immunology, hematology/coagulation, clinical chemistry, parasitology, microbiology/infectious diseases, toxicology, cytology, surgical pathology, flow cytometry, molecular biology and cytogenetic.
During the conference, Hend El Sherbini, Al Mokhtabar’s Managing Director and CEO as well as the head of the virus department, gave a comprehensive presentation on operations at the company's main laboratory.
"At Al Mokhtabar, we have a firm belief that 70% of a correct diagnosis is based on correct test results. As the biggest laboratory chain in Egypt and the Middle East, we have continuously worked to supply our central laboratory with the latest testing equipment which conducts the rarest and most accurate clinical tests, which had long been difficult to undertake," El Sherbini said.
Al Mokhtabar’s central laboratory, the largest world-class medical lab in the Middle East, uses the latest technology and most state-of-the-art equipment through partnerships with world healthcare pioneers and some of the biggest suppliers of medical examination equipment, including Roche, Siemens and Sysmex.Al Mokhtabar provides accurate laboratory testing results accredited from some of the world's leading quality and accreditation organizations. In 2010, Al Mokhtabar received the College of American Pathologists’ (CAP) accreditation, the top certification for medical labs, becoming the only lab to be awarded this accreditation in Egypt.
In 2012, CAP, which is one of the world's leading laboratory medicine organizations, awarded Al Mokhtabar its second accreditation following a series of tests by the organization's professionals. Al Mokhtabar also holds the ISO 15189 certificate of quality and competence in clinical chemistry, toxicology, virology, and hematology.

"Al Mokhtabar is always keen to build a good rapport with patients. Patient results are stored in a confidential database and can be retrieved at any time. We provide home visits and home delivery of tests for patients unable to visit our branches. We are always available to answer our patients' questions through our 19014 hotline, our SMS service, and our mobile application. In every branch, a special area is earmarked for sample collection from children, to help ease their anxieties during the process. A doctor is always there in every branch to resolve any problem that might face patients whether in collecting samples or providing results," said head of Al Mokhtabar’s Laboratories, Manal Abdel Aziz."Because we genuinely care for the health of Egyptians, we are always keen to hold training programs for our staff members that help them offer patients the best possible service during their visits to our labs," she added.
Al Mokhtabar also arranges campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of conducting necessary medical analyses to ensure good health, through convoys that tour the streets of Cairo and other governorates. Through its 'Your Health is Your Strength' campaign, Al Mokhtabar offers reduced prices for medical tests, including a recent diabetes-focused campaign explaining the symptoms and diagnosis methods of the disease. Al Mokhtabar also arranges medical convoys to carry out diagnostic tests to detect chronic diseases such as hepatitis C and B in villages in the governorates of Menoufiya, Dakahliya and Beni Suef.