Wednesday, 22 March 2017

World Water Day


On the occasion of World Water Day, GROHE would like to invite you to enjoy water sustainably to help GROHE in its global mission to reduce average water consumption.

For GROHE, sustainability is a corporate value with a tradition and a future. GROHE has developed a wide portfolio of advanced product technologies and  launched also a series of awareness campaigns and programs to change mindsets and habits.

Since 2009, GROHE has launched the Green Mosque Initiative in many countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, whereby the company partners with local entities to install water-efficient products in the ablution rooms of mosques to help the respective regions achieve sustainable reduction in water consumption. This project evolved into Turn Water into Food Program to help reduce hunger, by donating food to the needy with the equivalent money saved from water conservation.

We invite you to check our campaigns on GROHE’s YouTube channels:

Happy World Water Day!