Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Schools take the driving seat in road safety

A new campaign which aims to promote car safety and the use of car seats for youngsters has gotten underway, with Dubai schools firmly in the driving seat.
Since only 2% of infants are being properly restrained in a car seat, traffic accidents have become the UAE’s number one infant killer. So, if parents are not going to take-action, then perhaps it’s time for the kids to take-action themselves. That’s the thinking behind a new initiative which has gotten underway in Dubai schools recently. ‘Be a Road Safety Star’ is a campaign which aims to teach youngsters the importance of road safety.  Children are now learning all about road and car safety in school, and why they should always be buckled up in the back or restrained properly in a car seat. 
Quick Registration, a leading RTA approved vehicle testing centre in Dubai has spearheaded the new initiative as part of their CSR strategy. Inspired to take an active role in the community by the sheer number of car accidents in the UAE and unnecessary infant mortality.  When they learned that using a car seat has been proven to reduce the risk of fatal injuries in children by 71% they knew they had to get involved and decided to launch this important campaign. Partnering with JustKidding® a top parenting retailer in the region ‘Be a Road Safety Star’ aims to work in close connection with participating schools across Dubai. The campaign got underway with its first series of sessions with youngsters aged 5 to 7 years at Oaktree Primary School, Dubai recently.
The initiative, now fully underway with participating schools is creating awareness amongst youngers about the importance of road safety and the use of car seats in a range of fun yet focussed activities.  It is hoped that children will share their knowledge with parents so that the whole family can be conscious of road safety, with every journey.  Commenting about the initiative, campaign organiser Kaja Vastic Business Development and Marketing Executive at Quick Registration said: “As a vehicle testing and registration centre we feel responsible for road safety of the UAE motorists but our corporate social responsibility goes beyond that. We are pleased to have launched this fun and educational programme called ‘Be a Road Safety Star’. Children aged 0 to 7 are the most critical age group affected by road accents in the UAE, so educating children as early as possible in their lives about road safety is vital. It’s important we protect them and nurture the 'next generation' of responsible road traffic participants. JustKidding® has long been involved in car safety projects and products for babies and children in the Middle East and they were a natural partner for us. We are delighted that Oaktree Primary School are the first participants in the scheme and look forward to receiving the next group of ‘Be a Road Safety Star’ ambassadors for training. We encourage all schools to participate.”
Commenting about their participation in the programme, Michelle le Blanc of JustKidding® said: “We are thrilled to be collaborating on the “Be a Road Safety Star” campaign. As a car seat stockist JustKidding® truly understands the need, benefit and purpose of car safety education. We are thrilled to be taking part in this important campaign. Our car seat clinics in-store will help to further promote this cause with parents” said Le Blanc.
Chris Principal Oaktree Primary School said “Oaktree Primary School is delighted to be the first school to participate in the 'Be a Road Safety Star' campaign. At Oaktree, we recognise the importance of Health and Safety in everything that we do. This, of course, extends beyond the time that the children spend in school. Potentially, one of the most hazardous parts of the day is when children are being transported to and from school and we want to make sure that children are empowered to know about road safety.”
The more schools involved the better. For more information about Be a Road Safety Star and how to participate contact Business Executive at Quick Registration or email
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