Thursday, 19 January 2017

Egyptian Adventurer Omar Samra achieves Three First Ascents in Antarctica

Samra Climbs Six New Routes and Names One ‘The Egyptian Direct’
Art Exhibition to Showcase Illustrations, Photos and Videos of the Trip

Cairo 15 January 2017 – In a 10-day trip on the Antarctic ice, Egyptian adventurer Omar Samra recently made a ground breaking achievement as he succeeded in becoming the first person in history to climb three mountains in Antarctica, called a ‘first ascent’ in climbing terminology. Samra, who named the mountains after his family, climbed seven mountains in total, of which six were via new routes, which he also got to name and one of which he named ‘The Egyptian Direct’.

“Making a first ascent has always been a dream of mine. However, exploration is not just about going to someplace first; it’s about trying to become the best version of ourselves every day of your life. And to do so we need to constantly work hard to explore where our boundaries lie and then push them even further still. It is in these precious moments that we can truly discover what we were born to do", said Omar Samra.

An art exhibition is planned on the 18th of February in Zamalek, where Omar will give a talk about the trip, joined also by the artist Tarek Abdelkawi and gallery curator Alya Sabry. The gallery will showcase the trip’s artistic illustrations, photography and videos. Visitors will also be given the opportunity to interact and engage with the art work through an audio and visual experience as well as have the opportunity to sample some of Samra’s mountaineering gear that kept him safe and warm in the world’s highest, coldest and driest continent on earth.

This is Samra’s third trip to this remote and isolated part of the planet in the South Pole. His first visit was in January 2012, where he successfully reached the summit of Vinson Massif (16,050 feet), the highest mountain on the Antarctic continent, part of the 7 Summits challenge. His second trip was in December 2014, where he succeeded in becoming the first Egyptian to ski to the South Pole as part of achieving the Explorer’s Grand Slam title, a challenge that has only been achieved by less than 40 people in history. 

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