Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fly immersive with Parrot’s all-in-one leisure drone

Parrot, pioneer in consumer and professional civil drones, proposes a FPV pack for its Bebop 2 leisure drone.

The objective: To offer an immersive experience accessible for everyone with high-tech, intuitive and easy-to-transport products:
  • Parrot Bebop 2: Powerful, with impressive stability and manoeuvrability, Bebop2 is a compact, robust, stable and very light (500 gr) video drone.
  • Parrot Cockpitglasses: the FPV headplay that uses your smartphone and plunges you into the heart of the footage captured by Bebop 2’s frontal camera and displays the telemetric date of the flight.
  • Parrot Skycontroller 2: the new Wi-Fi, lightweight and compact remote control with customizable joysticks and buttons, and offering a 2kms theoretical reach.

Availability: October 2016 at Dubai Duty Free,  Virgin ,  Sharaf DG , iStyle,  Plugins
MSRP: AED 2999.00 (Parrot Bebop 2 + Parrot Cockpitglasses + Parrot Skycontroller 2)
MSRP (FPV pack only): AED 1499 (Parrot Cockpitglasses + Parrot Skycontroller 2)
Parrot Bebop 2: The most performing 500g drone on the market!

Parrot Bebop2 is the most performing 500g drone on the market, especially with a flying time of 25 minutes.

  • Bebop2 is an all-in-one compact drone integrating a 14 megapixel “fish-eye lens” specifically designed front facing camera. Digitally stabilised on 3-axes thanks to powerful algorithms, images are bright, perfectly stable and all without distortion.
Power and stability
  • The four three-blade propellers powered by brushless outrunner engines offer great manoeuvrability during high speed flights: Bebop2 achieves burst of speed of 37 pmh horizontally and 13 mph vertically and resists head winds up to 39 pmh!
Very responsive, it reaches its maximum speed in 14 seconds and brakes in 4.5 seconds. It reaches an attitude of 328 feet in less than 20 seconds.
  • Its glass fiber reinforced (20%) PA12 chassis and its shockproof feet ensure high robustness of the structure.
  • Bebop2 is piloted very easily and with no training needed in Wi-Fi via the new FreeFlight Pro app for smartphone and tablets, as well as with the new Parrot Skycontroller 2 remote control.
  • In addition to a very stable Wi-Fi connection, numerous systems reinforce the safety flights: emergency cut-out feature of the engines, emergency cut-out feature of the propellers in case of contact, limitation of the altitude and of the flying perimeter, automatic return home feature.
Parrot Cockpitglasses: the immersive experience with a smartphone!

For the most intense, immersive and extraordinary flight experience, Parrot has created a FPV headplay: Parrot Cockpitglasses.
The pilot simply inserts the smartphone, on which the footage captured by Bebop 2’s 14 Megapixels Full HD frontal camera are streamed live.
They can then enjoy a fully immersive, wide angle and HD vision with perfectly stable images, with no distortion.  They can also follow the Bebop 2’s flight path thanks to the display of a radar and telemetric data –placing the controller in the cockpit of the drone.  
Parrot Skycontroller 2: the high precision piloting for all!
Parrot Bebop 2 comes with Parrot Skycontroller 2, a new and XS-format Wi-Fi MIMO remote control which offers a 2 kms theoretical reach.

Completely redesigned to blur the boundaries between gamepads and RC controllers, Parrot Skycontroller 2 is lightweight (500gr), compact and very easy to handle.

Its two joysticks maneuver individually to ensure in flight precision, controlling the drone’s gas, direction, altitude… Its customisable ‘direct access’ and ‘trigger’ buttons give access to the numerous functions and options of the fixed-wing drone and the Parrot Cockpitglasses. This includes the “direct view” function, which enables the pilot to see Bebop 2 through the camera of the smartphone when wearing Parrot’s FPV headplay.
Parrot Skycontroller 2 can also be connected to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet via the new FreeFlight Pro application, providing the pilot with seamless video streaming, and a platform to refine the settings of Parrot Bebop 2 (e.g. geofencing or limitation of the altitude/ of the distance ; recording of the video…).

FreeFlight Pro: the application dedicated to Parrot Superdrones

The FreeFlight Pro app is available for free on AppStore and Google Play.
Its intuitive interface enables the user to tailor the commands and flight parameters to their level. This includes speed, limitation of the altitude or distance, management of the Wi-Fi connection, the photo/video parameters, and watch video footage captured by Parrot Bebop 2 live from an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Parrot cloud, which is also free and integrated with in FreeFlight Pro, saves the data of each flight. FreeFlight Pro also enables to configure Parrot Skycontroller 2 in order to customize its commands.
It also gives users access to ‘Flight Plan’ (in-App purchase option) to create automatic flights very easily.

Availability: October  2016 at Dubai Duty Free,  Virgin ,  Sharaf DG , iStyle,  Plugins

MSRP: AED 2999.00
(incl. Parrot Bebop 2 + Parrot Cockpitglasses + Parrot Skycontroller 2)
MSRP (FPV pack only): AED 1499.00 (incl. Parrot Cockpitglasses + Parrot Skycontroller 2)

Fly responsible!
Expert and novice pilots should take the command of a leisure drone in a responsible way and in respect with the applicable rules and regulations.
To fully enjoy Parrot Bebop 2, Parrot recalls some usual rules:
- Never lose sight of Parrot Bebop 2;
- Do not approach or film people without their consent;
- Be very careful to privacy;
- Do not exceed the maximum authorized altitude in your country;
- Do not fly near airports, military bases, industrial zones and other sensitive areas;
- Do not fly over populated and urban areas;
- Do not fly in rain, snow, fog, strong wind or at night;
- Do not fly over stations, rails lines and highways.

Access safety instructions here.