Wednesday, 13 July 2016


(13 July 2016) Summer is the time where dreamy getaways and lazy afternoons are in full bloom and La Marquise Jewellery has the perfect pieces to slip into your case. Light in weight and heavy in glamour to make sure you relax but your style stays on point.

As your suitcase overflows with sunscreen and summer dresses don’t forget those essential accessories, pearl earrings to shine night or day, delicate rings and necklaces with gemstone pendants for a dramatic effect. 

Let the strip of white beach be your catwalk and let your maxi dress flow in the wind. Arm this look with corals and pearls displayed proudly in the form of a pendant swaying elegantly at the end of a long necklace. Gemstone clusters or floral bloom designs, you know statement pieces such as these can make a vacation look perfect. 

As you reach for the fresh coconut let your fingers shimmer in the sunlight with some stylishly placed stackable rings. Silver, rose or yellow gold they all feature a dusting of diamonds to create a simple beach look with flair.  

As the heat intensifies sometimes less is more. Perfect for wearing day or night, pearl studs are the equivalent of the Little Black Dress. They can be worn for an array of occasions and represent class and sophistication, making them every woman’s go to. 

All pieces are available at La Marquise Jewellery stores. For more information, please