Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group Expects 26% Growth in its Retail vertical

Group’s expanding portfolio aims to cover more industry verticals with Retail and Lifestyle being the fastest growing

Dubai, XX April, 2016: Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC (ESAG) expanded their overall portfolio recently, focusing on core expertise sectors. The Group has unveiled two unique interior design concepts Chattels & More and KARE, in addition to the joint ventures namely Siemens Healthcare & Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints LLC in the first quarter of 2016. The new partners are part of ESAG’s organic growth strategy that has seen the over 370 brand-strong conglomerate adding to existing strengths in chosen industry verticals.

In 2016, ESAG expects a significant growth of 26% in the Retail & Lifestyle sector as opposed to 2015. On the other hand, the Consumer vertical is expected to grow approximately 11% while the Industrial sector will grow 11.77% and Building & Construction has an expected growth in turnover versus 2015 of around 12%.

Abdulla Al Gurg, Group General Manager at ESAG, says: “Our growth and expansion plans are always in cohesion with core business strategies. Trade has been a major cornerstone of the Group’s growth and development. We achieved goals set out in our first five-year plan ending in 2015 despite some significant swings in the global economy, and our 2020 plan has even more aggressive targets to achieve.”

In order to ensure continued growth into new sectors and markets, ESAG remains keen to identify and associate with global brand leaders through trading partnerships and technical collaborations. Furthermore, with innovative, sustainable and progressive practices, the Group remains at the forefront of changing market and industry trends, ensuring their product and service offerings are a true reflection of Dubai’s Smart City vision.

The new joint ventures also tie in with ESAG’s continued contribution to the region’s corporate infrastructure. This is one of the most important enablers for the GCC economy and is a testament to the Group’s visionary leadership.

“Our operational strategies and business management practices continue to mature, helping us to bring a more varied product mix to the sectors in which we operate. Being able to take smart business decisions and quickly execute them is the key to staying competitive,” adds Abdulla Al Gurg highlighting that while the Group’s focus remains largely on the retail sector, the organization continues to seek opportunities within its diverse portfolio.

ESAG Group LLC’s corporate leadership in over 370 brands across retail, industrial and construction sectors demonstrates the successful implementation of consolidation in diversity. In addition to a robust business strategy, the international expertise, local knowledge and strong market presence leads ESAG to be a desired partner for many brands, services and products aiming to gain greater foothold in the region.