Wednesday, 23 March 2016

UAE’s Seawings to Offer ‘School of the Air’ Educational Progarammes to High Schools, Colleges and Universities


Engineering, Aerodynamics and Architecture briefings combined with scenic flights over the UAE

Dubai, UAE, (23 March 2016):  Seawings, the only seaplane operator in Middle East, has launched “The Seawings Education Programme”, which is to be offered to schools, colleges and universities covering topics such as Engineering, Aerodynamics, and Architecture. The programme, hailed as one of a kind, has been structured by teaching professionals and includes a 30-minute classroom educational briefing followed by a 40-minute scenic flight allowing students to use their observational skills along with the lessons learnt on the ground to inspect Dubai and apply the theory from the air.

Due to its diverse nature and variety of subjects offered, the programme can be incorporated into various international curriculums offered by education institutions in UAE. Additionally, students gain a unique perspective of Dubai’s development with aerial views of the city’s ground breaking architecture from unique advantages.  

The classroom briefing provides tasks and learning points that can be structured to focus on various aspects of the city such as; architecture, economy, ecology, history, development and city planning. Students are then able to use their observation and investigative skills as they fly above the city. The programme is fully customisable and can also be used for students to gather data and analyse patterns on a city-wide scale. The Seawings Education Programme is incorporated into curriculums to provide a new perspective while complimenting classroom learning.

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