Sunday, 14 February 2016

BR Communications to Offer Affordable PR Packages to Micro Firms and Start-ups

70% of buying experiences are based on customer brand perception


Dubai, 14 February, 2016 – BR Communications, a relatively young start-up company itself in PR Consultancy, understands the challenges new micro firms and start-ups face in the highly competitive business environment in Dubai. Yet, creating awareness and a brand identity while difficult is absolutely necessary to jump start the new business as 70% of buying experiences are based on customer brand perception.


The process of building brand awareness and grabbing potential customer’s attention is both a difficult and tricky process requiring a professional’s help and guidance. Generally, when a company thinks about marketing and advertising, the main concern is the cost of these services, which are usually can be expensive. “As a start-up ourselves, we know that financial pressures are a deciding factor, but we also know that marketing and building awareness for the business is the best route for growth. So, we have developed packages specially tailored for micro firms and start-ups on a project or yearly retainer basis that is affordable,’’ said Mr. Bahaa Fatairy, MD of BR Communications.


Dubai SME, an agency of Dubai’s Department of Economic Development, in 2014 report stated that there over 95% of business enterprises in Dubai are SMEs, of this 72% are micro firms. Using professional help to market and create a rapport with the public, will help micro firms and new start-ups distinguish themselves from the rest.