Monday, 21 December 2015

Visa celebrates Visa Global Volunteer Month in Dubai

Visa and Volunteer in UAE fed over 800 Dubai laborers with the support of Karama Kanteen

Dubai, 21 December 2015: To mark Visa’s Global Volunteer Month in November, Visa teamed up with Volunteer in UAE to prepare and distribute food to over 800 labourers.
Over 30 volunteers from Visa participated in Volunteer in UAE’s “Karama Kanteen” initiative, which aligns with Visa’s commitment to be a responsible local citizen.
Hector Rodriguez, Head of Risk, Visa CEMEA explains: “Giving back to our communities is important for Visa. Dubai is such an incredible city and we feel very fortunate to live here and proud to contribute to its success – commercially and socially. We think it is important to recognize and try to help all the people who have left their homes and families to come and help build the city. We’re grateful to have been able to help out in a small way, and we’re keen to do more in the future.”
Visa Global Volunteer Month is a part of Visa’s on-going corporate responsibility programmes, Each November, Visa employees around the world give time and talent to support non-profit organizations and other community groups. This is the capstone of the Visa Volunteers program and is celebrated at Visa offices around the world. Since its launch in 2008, the global Visa Volunteers initiative has been a core component of Visa’s Corporate Responsibility program. The program also honours leading employee volunteers with the Visa Volunteer Award, recognizing their personal contributions to their communities.