Wednesday, 2 December 2015

State-of-the-Art Vale Terminal at SOHAR Port Wins Global Award


Sohar, November 2015 – Vale in Oman was awarded the prestigious Best Specialist Dry Bulk Port or Terminal award, for its terminal located in SOHAR Port at the 2015 International Bulk Journal Awards in Belgium in November. Its terminal was recognized for its ability to receive the Very Large Ore Carriers (VLOC) which have the capacity of 400,000 DWT and require a draft of 25m. As well, it is highlighted as the largest bulk terminal in the Arabian Peninsula in terms of handling capacity and it is the deepest in South Asia and the Gulf region. In addition to that, the terminal is equipped with high-tech and modern equipment that ensures safe mooring of ships and environmental monitoring systems.   
“We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognized for our industrial complex at the IBJ Awards tonight. A lot of hard work and energy has gone into this project and we are happy to see the fruit of our labor,” said Sergio Espeschit, Vale in Oman’s Chief Executive Officer. “Creating sustainable economic value in Oman and contributing to the development of the region is key to​ our day-to-day operations. Vale in Oman has awarded contracts to supply its facilities with engineering, human resources and maintenance services locally which ensures sustainability of our company but also creates new revenue streams that help local entrepreneurs and businesses to grow.”
Vale’s investments in the coastal city of Sohar include a Pelletizing Plant with a production capacity of 9 million tons of pellets per year and a Distribution Center with a throughput capacity of 40 million tons per year. The company’s efficient and integrated logistics system has established just-in-time operations that better serve key regional markets and is essential for its global logistics strategy to generate customized solutions for its clients in North Africa, Middle East and Asia while raising the competitiveness of its products. 
SOHAR Port Chief Executive Officer, Andre Toet, added, “We are extremely proud to work with Vale. The Port of Sohar’s strategic location outside of the Strait of Hormuz with the advantage of deep-water seas has allowed VLOCs to be docked here which has helped increase Oman’s competitiveness in the global economy. Vale’s terminal which is only one of about ten ports around the world equipped to receive this vessel’s impressive capacity is working to contribute to diversifying the economy and supporting Oman's Economic Vision for 2020.”
For every VLOC that is called to Vale’s Port, approximately USD 3.3 million is invested in unloading the shipment and preparing the vessel for departure. Most of these services which include port services, shipping agency and handling services, bunker fuel, engine cylinder oil and consumable store supply replenishment, are contracted to local businesses including Small and Medium Enterprises in an effort to develop the local supply chain and help support and enable secondary and tertiary industries in Oman to enter international markets.
Vale’s Very Large Ore Carriers: Key facts and figures
An innovation in maritime technology, the VLOC also reflects the commitment of Vale to create environmentally friendly operations. One of these vessels reduces 35% of the carbon emissions per ton of cargo carried when compared to a traditional commercial iron ore ship considering that its size allows it to carry a larger amount of cargo in a single trip, therefore reducing energy consumption that would be wasted on numerous trips.
A fully laden VLOC carries as much iron ore as 11,150 trucks, enough to produce steel for three of San Francisco’s famed Golden Gate Bridge. These ships are designed to sail for 30 years and 2.8 million nautical miles, equivalent to 12 laps around the world, during which they will transport 48 million metric tons of iron ore, enough to produce 4,383 Eiffel Towers.