Tuesday, 24 November 2015

STME Delivers Resilient Platform for LukOil Workload Consolidation

NetApp system valued at AED 1.4mn offers unified storage system on virtual infrastructure
Dubai, 24thNovember, 2015 - STME, the Middle East’s leading IT solutions provider and systems integrator (SI), headquartered in Dubai, has provided LukOil with a robust unified storage system as solution for their increasing virtual infrastructure demands.
LukOil which has around 700 employees in the Middle East, is one of the largest oil and gas vertical integrated companies in the world accounting for over 2% of crude oil production and about 1% of proved hydrocarbon reserves globally. The need for a new solution arose on account of the company’s growth resulting in increased storage requirements, and the end-of-life of the existing system. A representative from LukOil commenting on the company’s requirements, noted “It was of utmost importance that the new solution could unify storage capability, performance, scalability and efficiency on an improved and bigger virtual infrastructure”
In planning and developing a solution for LukOil, “At STME, the organizational nature, culture, immediate requirements and trajectory based on the organization’s growth and development is considered. It is important to plan for the future scalability of our solutions,’’ emphasized Ayman Al Bayaa, CEO of STME. The solution implemented at LukOil was based on the NetApp FAS8060 HA Dual Controller Storage System which is a leading industry standard for unified systems, providing both SAN and NAS capability and scalability with Cluster Data ONTAP, and 50TB usable performance storage capacity.
Implementation of the project was not without challenges that mainly involved the migration of data and scalability from the existing system. In resolving challenges “Communication between the STME and LukOil teams is the key,” noted Mr. Ayman, who continued to say “our three decades of experience has taught us effective ways to collaborate with our clients.”
The project was completed by April 2015 without any major issues and has given LukOil a resilient platform based on the NetApp FAS 8060 system to handle different workloads, scalability, and easy availability 99.9% of the time.