Monday, 2 November 2015

New service “Always Connected™” helps improve availability in Telecom networks

A new intelligent service helps Telecom operators to increase availability in their networks. During power outage, the operators can intelligently shut down different technologies and transmission in steps, remotely from the Network Operations Center (NOC), based on actual performance data rather than set voltages and it is easy to change parameters without visiting the site. This functionality can double or sometimes even triple the uptime without the need of more batteries.
Always Connected™ will also show the state of health and charge levels online of the Telecom batteries. This service can substantially reduce costs for network operators by knowing the remaining back-up time as well as when to replace the batteries at end of life or by understanding how to optimize the equipment on site based on facts.
Swedish INCELL International, specialized in Telecom lithium battery solutions, launches its Always Connected™ service, which enables the users to make smart and more informed decisions about its network of batteries and associated equipment. The service utilizes the data available in Incell’s Smart Lithium Battery modules and autonomously transports this data to a cloud based data storage. Data can also be stored locally at servers in each country.
Always Connected™ is using the most modern telematics communications standards, databases and tools to offer our customers smart state-of-the art management and decision making tools”, says Sven Bergqvist, Product Manager of Always Connected™ at INCELL International, and continues “in all steps of the system we have industry leading partners like Flex, OP5, Tableau and others.
INCELL International has chosen to build the solution using best of breed partners for each part of the solution. These partners are used to working with the requirements of the Telecom industry and ensure that further developments will be state-of-the art in all aspects as well as scalable to very large worldwide deployment.
As part of the Always Connected™ service we offer a 24/7 response center with energy expertise analyzes and optimization”, says Stefan Jansson, CEO of INCELL International, “we simply allow our customers to install the lithium batteries and then “almost forget” about them. We provide a smart full-stop service and offer fact based analyzes and recommendations on a periodic basis.
Always Connected™ is a vital proof of INCELL International’s ambition to lead the “Evolution from Lead to Lithium” batteries in the Telecom industry by offering intelligent, remote management tools and services that saves costs for the Telecom Operators.
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About INCELL International
INCELL International offers Lithium battery solutions for telecom. Lithium batteries in general have many benefits vs. VRLA like light weight (1/4) and smaller volume (1/2), as well as smart functions like state of charge (time to discharged) and state of health (time to change of battery).
Incell has taken these benefits even further by offering Plug & Play telecom rectifier compatible Lithium battery solutions, which enables Telecom operators to replace existing battery back-up with Incell Lithium batteries without replacing the rectifiers. Incell’s Always Connected™ service helps to improve availability while saving costs for Telecom operators by intelligent remote management, smart tools and fact based services, analyzes and optimization.
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