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01 May, 2023

Experience Ultimate Relaxation and head over to The Spa at Address Sky View for your Spring Glow-Up





With awe-inspiring views, an extensive menu of bespoke treatments, and skilled experts at your service, The Spa at Address Sky View is the ultimate pampering destination.


Dubai, UAE (01 May 2023): Embark upon an unparalleled journey of rejuvenation and revitalisation at The Spa in Address Sky View, this spring. Unwind in a sophisticated atmosphere that exudes elegance, featuring bespoke rituals and luxurious treatments. From cutting-edge treatment rooms and luxurious amenities such as plunge pools, relaxation lounges, and more, discover award-winning therapies crafted just in time for the season.


Relax & Restore


A real must have over the summer, this 60-minute treatment offers our Body Aroma Salt Scrub and Deep Relaxing Back Massage experience together for AED 490. The journey begins with a detoxifying full-body scrub that will replenish your senses and rejuvenate the lymphatic system. The salt scrub is infused with the essential aromatic oils and organic minerals that will increase the body’s tissue metabolism. After 30-minutes of bliss, be prepared for a power-packed aromatherapy massage that smoothly fuses deep tissue and sports massage techniques to tackle strained muscles and reduce inflammation.


What: 30-minute body aroma salt scrub and 30-minute-Deep Relaxing Back Massage

Price: AED490 per person

Offer is valid until 30 April 2023 


Bespoke Journey


Give your body the best and allow yourself to drift into a state of utter bliss with a personalised full body massage designed to address your specific wellness needs. This April, indulge in the bespoke journey that begins with a 40-minute Bespoke massage from our best masseuses at The Spa. The deeply relaxing pampering session follows with 80-minute Cellular Recreation Facial, a natural facial treatment tailored to your skin needs. Using active ingredients, purely organic products and intensive techniques that reveal healthy and radiant looking skin.


What: 120-minute treatment including Cellular Recreation Facial & Bespoke Massage

Price: AED950 per person 

Offer is valid until 30 April 2023 


Vibra Healing


Experience the ultimate holistic journey with the acoustic and vibrational effects of Tibetan singing bowls, an ancient practice that triggers the therapeutic process from deep within your body's cellular level. This treatment is designed to align your chakras and stimulate brain waves, leaving you feeling mentally and spiritually rejuvenated and refreshed. Combined with a smoothing full body aroma oil massage, this treatment is the ideal way to improve your mental health and alleviate sleeping disorders, inching you closer to finding inner peace. Let the skilled therapists at The Spa take you on a journey of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, as you discover the benefits of this ancient practice that has stood the test of time.


What: 90-minute traditional healing ritual

Price: AED950 per person


Express Power Lift for Men


Pampering is for everyone, and The Spa at Address Sky View takes that very seriously. Offering a special experience for men, The Spa presents a powerful, natural, and effective facial treatment, designed to stimulate your lymphatic system, and deeply cleanse your skin using only the most potent active ingredients. Prepare to be spoiled with an intensive mask and invigorating facial massage, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This facial treatment is perfect for the well-groomed man of today who desires a natural, high-tech power boost to his skincare routine.


What: 50-minute Express Power Lift for Men

Price: AED750 per person


Supreme Ultrasonic Facial Lift


The crème de la crème of ultrasound lifting - experience the ultimate in luxury with this premium intensive treatment, designed to reveal plumper, fresher, and more youthful skin. The skilled therapists at The Spa use only the most potent and effective natural ingredients, expertly deposited deep into the skin's layers with the help of ultrasonic frequencies. This cutting-edge technology safely and effectively strengthens the skin from within, leaving you with maximum results. You'll love the way your skin looks and feels after this indulgent treatment and will be sure to turn heads with your newfound radiance and youthful glow.


What: 80-minute Ultrasonic Facial Lift

Price: AED950 per person


Gentleman’s Royal Treatment


In honour of the momentous occasion of King Charles’ coronation on the 6th of May, The Spa at Address Sky View has organised for every man to feel like a King, all through the month of May, with the exclusive Gentleman's Royal Treatment. This 90 minute pampering ritual is a combination of the Gentleman’s Facial, which includes your choice of a foot and leg or neck and shoulder massage, to be followed by the  Gentleman’s Back Cleanse, using a hot compress, back exfoliation, Fango mud therapy, and finally a deep relax back massage to complete your Royal Treatment. This luxurious package is sure to give you the much needed respite you need from the everyday stresses of life.


What: 90-minute massage and back cleanse ritual for men

When: 1st to 31st May 2023, 10AM to 10PM

Price: AED770 per person


Perfect Balance


This 90 minute holistic spa treatment begins with the acoustic effects of Tibetan singing bowls followed by a Bespoke Massage – a complete tailor-made treatment to address your specific wellness needs. Whether you wish to ease sore muscles, relax your senses, or simply float away on a cloud of serene bliss, there is a treatment specially curated for you. Enhance this immersive experience with a facial mask or hair serum, and surrender yourself to the blissful experience of a relaxing scalp massage.


What: 90-minute bespoke massage, hair/facial mask, and scalp massage

When: 1st to 31st May 2023, 10AM to 10PM

Price: AED750 per person

*Children from 4 to 12 years can enjoy arts, crafts, and dance sessions at Qix Club during the treatment, compliments of the hotel.



For reservations call +971 4873 8888 or email



The cluster of hotels - InterContinental Dubai Festival City, InterContinental Residence Suites Dubai Festival City, Crowne Plaza Dubai Festival City and Holiday Inn & Suites Dubai Festival City – to prevent the disposal of about 2 million single-use plastic water bottles within the next 12 months


Dubai, UAE, 1 May 2023 – IHG Hotels at Dubai Festival City have announced a series of initiatives aimed at reducing its waste footprint and promoting sustainable practices guided by the company’s 10-year responsible business plan, ‘Journey to Tomorrow’.

The Dubai Festival City cluster has recently completed the installation of its automated Nordaq glass bottling plant. This move aims to reduce water wastage and reduction of single use plastics by utilizing reusable glass bottles and offer water produced through the in-house water treatment and bottling operations. This is a significant milestone, allowing the hotels to replace single-use water bottles in all their rooms and suites, preventing the disposal of about 2 million bottles within a year. This initiative also extends to the hotels’ restaurants and conference facilities where filtered water has already been served in carafes since 2019.

The hotel cluster has now partnered with Swedish company, Nordaq, a leader in the water bottling industry. The sustainably produced water has been described as the 'purest tasting water' by some of the best chefs and sommeliers around the world, as the Nordaq patented filtration system turns tap water impurity-free all while preserving healthful minerals, ensuring premium quality and natural taste.

"IHG Hotels at Dubai Festival City have a long-standing commitment to adopting sustainable operating practices and minimizing waste impact. This new bottling facility has been specifically created to provide guests with fresh, premium water in both the rooms and restaurants. As a result of phasing out plastic bottles from operation on an annual basis, we are safeguarding the environment in support of the Dubai Can initiative and the Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) program. Our goal is to help shape the future of responsible travel together with those who stay, work and partner with us,” said Thomas Schmelter, Area General Manager IHG Hotels at Dubai Festival City.

The latest endeavour of IHG Hotels at Dubai Festival City also seeks to contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint by restricting the transportation of bottled water from overseas.

These sustainable initiatives demonstrate our unwavering commitment to prioritising sustainability in our operations. We believe that every small change adds up to a big difference. We hope that our initiatives will inspire other hotels and businesses to follow in our footsteps and embrace sustainable practices," added Franz Kupka, Operations Manager at InterContinental Residence Suites Dubai Festival City, who has overseen the project.

“Nordaq, is a sustainability company focusing on eliminating single used plastic. To transport water over water is one of the most illogical things we can do. We automatically shrink our own source and make it harder to get clean water because we pollute the soil. For us, it´s about making a difference and changing a market, making people aware so they can see the consequences of their actions. Nordaq provides, in my opinion, the world's most innovative and effective water solution for superior taste and less waste. I hope as Franz Kupka mentioned that this initiative will inspire other hotels and businesses to follow in our water footsteps and continue to embrace sustainable practices,” says Johanna Mattsson, CEO of Nordaq.

In addition to the bottling plant, IHG Hotels at Dubai Festival City have implemented a range of measures across its four properties to reduce its waste output further and promote sustainability. One of the most significant changes is the replacement of plastic key cards with eco-friendly, biodegradable wooden ones. This initiative aims to save an estimated 120,000 plastic cards per year. The cluster has also eliminated bathroom miniatures in favour of larger-size amenities to minimize single-use items, reducing 620,000 miniatures annually.

تنفيذاً لمبادرة "دبي تبادر" للاستدامة وبرنامج دبي للسياحة المستدامة:

مجموعة فنادق "انتركونتيننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي" تشيد مصنع آلي لتعبئة المياه


المصنع الجديد يمنع هدر مليوني زجاجة مياه بلاستيكية سنوياً في فنادق "انتركونتيننتال" و" انتركونتيننتال ريزيدانس" و"كروان بلازا"، و"هوليداي إن سويتس" في "دبي فيستيفال سيتي"


دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة، 1 مايو 2023: أعلنت مجموعة فنادق "انتركونتيننتال" في "دبي فيستيفال سيتي" عن مجموعة من المبادرات الخضراء الصديقة للبيئة لتعزيز ممارساتها الخاصة بالاستدامة ضمن برنامجها البيئي الذي يمتد لفترة عشرة سنوات تحت عنوان "رحلة نحو الغد".

وأكملت مجموعة فنادق نتركونتيننتال" في دبي فيستيفال سيتي تشييد مصنع آلي لتعبئة المياه وذلك تماشياً مع مبادرة "دبي تبادر" للإستدامة التي تهدف إلى تشجيع الاستخدام المستدام للمياه من خلال استخدام قوارير مياه قابلة لإعادة التعبئة وتقديم مياه مستدامة من خلال معالجة المياه وعمليات التعبئة.

وتهدف عملية تشييد مصنع المياه الجديد في استبدال قوارير المياه ذات الاستخدام الواحد في جميع الغرف والأجنحة بدلاً من هدرها، مما يحافظ على مليوني زجاجة مياه بلاستيكية سنوياً. وتمتد هذه المبادرة أيضاً إلى المطاعم وقاعات المؤتمرات حيث يتم تقديم المياه المحلاة منذ العام 2019.

ولتقديم بديل أكثر استدامة وعذب الطعم للمياه المعبأة العادية، أبرمت فنادق "انتركونتيننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي" شراكة مع الشركة السويدية "نورداك" لإنشاء محطة تعبئة المياه. ووصف نظام الترشيح Nordaq الحاصل على براءة اختراع بأنه "أعذب مياه يمكن تذوقها" من قبل أفضل الطهاة حول العالم، مما يضمن الجودة الفائقة والمذاق الطبيعي.

من ناحيته، قال "توماس شميلتير"، المدير العام للمنطقة لمجموعة فنادق "انتركونتيننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي": "ظلت فنادق "انتركونتيننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي "تلتزم بتشجيع الممارسات الصديقة للبيئة لتقليل تأثير النفايات وحماية الموارد الطبيعية. وقد تم إنشاء محطة التعبئة الجديدة خصيصاً لتزويد النزلاء بالمياه العذبة الممتازة في الغرف والمطاعم. ونتيجة للتخلص التدريجي من العبوات البلاستيكية من التشغيل على أساس سنوي، فإننا لا نحمي البيئة فحسب، بل نعيد تأكيد مبادئ مسؤوليتنا الاجتماعية وتطبيق السياحة المستدامة. ومن خلال ذلك، فإننا ندعم مبادرة "دبي تبادر" للإستدامة وبرنامج دبي للسياحة المستدامةوإن هدفنا هو المساهمة في ضمان مستقبل مستدام مع ضيوفنا والعاملين لدينا وشركائنا".

وتهدف آخر مساعي مجموعة فنادق "انتركونتننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي" إلى المساهمة في تقليل البصمة الكربونية من خلال الحد من نقل المياه المعبأة من الخارج. 

من جانبه، أضاف "فرانز كوبكا"، مدير العمليات في "انتركونتيننتال ريزيدنس دبي فستيفال سيتي"، الذي أشرف على المشروع: "تعكس هذه المبادرات المستدامة التزامنا الراسخ بإعطاء الأولوية للاستدامة والمحافظة على البيئة. وإننا نؤمن بأن كل تغيير صغير يضيف فرقاً كبيراً، وإننا فخورون باتخاذ هذه الخطوات نحو الاستدامة. ونأمل أن تلهم مبادراتنا الفنادق والشركات الأخرى لاتباع خطواتنا وتبني الممارسات المستدامة".

 بدورها، قالت "جوهانا ماتسون"، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة "نورداك": "تعتبر شركتنا شركة مستدامة تركز على الحد من استخدام العبوات البلاستيكية ذات الاستخدام الواحد. وتوفر شركة نورداك الحل المائي الأكثر ابتكاراً وفعالية في العالم لمذاق رائع بنفايات أقل. وإننا نتطلع إلى أن تلهم هذه المبادرة الفنادق والشركات الأخرى لاتباع خطواتنا والتوجه إلى تبني الممارسات المستدامة".

وتستقبل الفنادق ملايين الزوار سنوياً وجميعها تتطلب أدوات النظافة والأطعمة والمشروبات وغيرها من المستلزمات، مما يجعل تجنب الهدر تحدياً كبيراً لقطاع الضيافة. وبالإضافة إلى محطة تعبئة المياه، تقوم فنادق نتركونتننتال دبي فيستيفال سيتي" بتطبيق مجموعة من التدابير في مرافقها لتقليل النفايات وتعزيز الاستدامة. ومن هذه التغييرات استبدال بطاقات المفاتيح البلاستيكية بأخرى خشبية صديقة للبيئة وقابلة للتحلل. وتهدف هذه المبادرة إلى توفير ما يقدر بـ 120,000 بطاقة بلاستيكية سنوياً. 

وتعكس مبادرات فنادق "انتركونتننتال فيستيفال سيتي" التزامها بالاستدامة والمسؤولية الاجتماعية. ومن خلال تطبيق هذه الخطوات، تقدم المجموعة مساهمة كبيرة في الجهود العالمية للحد من النفايات وتعزيز السياحة المستدامة.

Sardinia Eyes UAE Tourism Market With Three-times Weekly Flight Operating From Dubai Next Month


Sardinia is getting ready to welcome travellers from the UAE market and will present its vast offerings during the 2023 Arabian Travel Market this month


Sardinia highlights 'eco-tourism' credentials and off-season tourism, as it showcases its sustainable tourism approach, as well as the ‘hidden gems’ people can experience at the holiday hotspot



Seulo - Sa Stiddiosa ©Gabriele Doppiu




Download high res images HERE

Download the full Press Kit HERE


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday 1st May – From 1 to 4 May 2023, Sardinia will land at the Dubai World Trade Centre, to take part in the great tourism marketplace of the Middle East, the renowned Arabian Travel Market (ATM). The territory, nine local operators and Sardinian institutions - represented by Giovanni Chessa, Councillor for Tourism, Handicrafts, and Trade of the Sardinian Region - will welcome the visitors to their 200m² stand (EU 1880), which, through its settings, will story tell the destination's culture, traditions and essence.


With ATM, Sardinia awakens interest and aims to further strengthen the flow of tourists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE): the destination, in fact, will be connected with three weekly frequencies from 22 June 2023. Operated by FlyDubai, the direct Dubai to Cagliari route, Sardinia’s regional capital, will fly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, with return fares starting from 2,600 AED.  Coupled with this, UAE citizens can stay in Italy for up to 90 days visa-free. With the goal of building tiers between the two countries, Sardinia offers a raft of outdoor activities, cultural experiences and gastronomic tours which showcase the ‘hidden gems’ that the island has to offer.


Italy has long been a popular destination for UAE tourists looking to escape the desert temperatures in the Summer. Currently 2.47 million tourists visit the country every year, with Sardinia taking centre stage through proposals, attractions, and areas of outstanding natural beauty. From rafting to trekking, from boat excursions to kayaking, and from cycling tours to climbing; the island offers the most exciting outdoor activities in the wildest settings of the western Mediterranean. It is this as well as the country’s enviable location in the central Mediterranean, that makes Sardinia a most sought-after holiday destination.


Eco-tourism Approach

With COP28 coming to the UAE later this year, Sardinia is investing heavily in sustainable development to highlight its ‘eco-tourism’ approach. Its unspoiled nature, extraordinary biodiversity, large natural parks, and marine protected areas have positioned it as one of the richest ecosystems in the Mediterranean.


This has been proven by the initiatives supporting conscious tourism and the many awards, such as the Cinque Vele, awarded by the Blue Guide in 2022 to six local tourist resorts, confirming Sardinia's supremacy in this field. The destination increasingly proposes experiences that influence tourists in a positive way, involving them in respecting the island and all that is part of it, constantly striving to limit the impact of humans.


Authentic Charm

Whilst Sardinia is famed for its beautiful 2,000 km of coastline, stunning beaches, and heavenly spots for surfers, sailors and divers, the destination also has a rich history for tourists to discover. There are countless archaeological treasures, including the mythical nuraghi - dating back more than 3,000 years and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site - that bears witness to the various chapters of Sardinia's interesting history.


Gastronomical delights

Moreover, Sardinia is also a paradise for good food. For those in search of a gastronomic tour, the destination is famous for its high quality raw materials such as its excellent cheeses like pecorino and smoked ricotta. The secrets of the artisan are told by skilled hands, leading through ancient traditions born in the centre of the Mediterranean.


Sardegna Turismo

Official tourist board of the island of Sardinia, the Land of the Nuraghi, an ancient land steeped in the myths and legends of its thousand years of history. 1150 miles of clear sea water in all shades of blue and green surround Sardinia. Enjoy the magical experience of a swim in this breath taking seascape, dive down to admire the seabed or simply relax on Sardinian white sandy beaches, among the best spots in the world. Pleasant weather conditions throughout the whole year with more than 300 sunny days give you the chance to get a healthy suntan anytime.


Those visiting ATM (1st – 4th May 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre) can expect a world of delights at the stand. The Sardinia exhibition at ATM is divided into several thematic areas: in addition to the reception area, with a desk overlooking the main passageway, the Island will welcome visitors, tourism operators, and the media in the central lounge, where meetings and discussions will be held. Underlining the great culture of Sardinian hospitality will be the 'Recharged in Sardinia' area, a place to take a break from the hectic pace of the trade fair. References to the nature of the island are not lacking, represented by an olive tree and a wall 20m wide and 4m high, which, through specially designed images, will take visitors to the green heart and the magnificent natural elements typically offered by the island.


Turkish Airlines to bring the UEFA Champions League vibe to their stand at the Arabian Travel Market 2023


Turkish Airlines, flying to more countries than any other airline, is bringing the UEFA Champions League vibe to their stand at the Arabian Travel Market 2023, complete with a display relating to the tournament. The centerpiece of the stand will be a life-size replica of the Champions League trophy, gleaming under the bright lights and drawing the visitors for photo opportunities with the trophy exhibit.


Visitors to the Turkish Airlines stand also can enter a competition on the airlines Instagram page on @TurkishAirlinesArabia.  Two winners will get tickets to the semifinals of the tournament together with airline tickets to enjoy the excitement and energy of a packed stadium watching professional players dribble, pass, and score.


At this year’s ATM, the airline is reinforcing connectivity in response to growing customer demand for a stopover in Istanbul on their way to different parts of the world. The airline has won multiple awards for their product and service offering recently including accolades such as the Apex Best Seat Comfort in Europe, Apex Best Food & Beverage in Europe, Skytrax Worlds Best in Business Class Catering, Skytrax Best Airline in Europe as well as Skytrax Best Airline in Southern Europe.


Turkish Airlines connects travellers to over 340 destinations worldwide (289 international and 53 domestic) while maintaining the utmost care for a safe and healthy travel experience.

الخطُــوط الجويّـة التركيّــة تجلب الأجواء المميزة لدوري أبطال أوروبا (UEFA) إلى منصتها بمعرض «ســوق السفـر العربـي 2023»


قررت الخطوط الجوية التركية -والتي تتصدر شركات الطيران الأخرى من حيث عدد الدول التي تقصدها رحلاتها- جلْب الأجواء المميزة لبطولة دوري أبطال أوروبا (UEFA) إلى جناحها في معرض «ســوق السفـر العربـي 2023» مع إقامة عروض خاصة حول البطولـة؛ حيث سيكون حجر الزاوية لجناح الشركة بالمعرض عبارة عن نسخة طبق الأصل بالحجم الطبيعي لكأس بطولة دوري الأبطال؛ والذي سيتلألأ تحت الأنوار الساطعة ويصبح نقطة جذب للزوار الساعين للحصول على فرصة لالتقاط الصور التذكارية مع الكأس الشهير.


يمكن أيضًا لزوار جناح الخطوط الجوية التركية المشاركة في المسابقة التي تنظمها الشركة على صفحتها بموقع "إنستغرام" (turkishairlines Arabia@)؛ حيث سيحصل اثنان من الفائزين على تذاكر لحضور مباريات الدور قبل النهائي لبطولة دوري الأبطال بالإضافة إلى تذاكر الطيران؛ وذلك من أجل الاستمتاع بالإثارة والطاقة التي ستملأ جنبات الملعب؛ المنتظر ازدحامه بالجماهير المتعطشة لمشاهدة أمهر اللاعبين وهم يراوغون ويمررون ويسجلون الأهداف من أجل تحقيق الانتصار.   


تعمل الخطوط الجوية التركية؛ من خلال معرض «ســوق السفـر العربـي» في نسخته لهذا العام؛ على تعزيز معدلات الربط الجوي استجابةً للطلب المتزايد من العملاء للتوقف في اسطنبول في طريقهم للسفر إلى أجزاء مختلفة من العالم. هذا وقد حازت الخطوط الجوية التركية مؤخراً على العديد من الجوائز المتنوعة عن منتجاتها وخدماتها المقدمة؛ بما في ذلك جوائز مثل: جائزة خيارات المسافرين (أبيكس) لأفضل مقاعد مريحة في أوروبا، وجائزة خيارات المسافرين (أبيكس) لأفضل المأكولات والمشروبات في أوروبا، وجائزة «سكاي تراكس» لأفضل خدمات الضيافة المقدمة على درجة رجال الأعمال في العالم، وجائزة «سكاي تراكس» لأفضل شركة طيران في أوروبا، فضلاً عن جائزة «سكاي تراكس» لأفضل شركة طيران في جنوب أوروبا. 


تربط الخطوط الجوية التركية المسافرين بـ 340 وجهة حول العالم (289 وجهة دولية و 53 محلية)؛ مع حفاظها على أقصى درجات العناية لتحقيق تجربة سفر آمنة وصحية للمسافرين.